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Hello friends!
Today I’m going to bring up one of the symptoms of Thyroid Disease that probably causes the most problems, and that is fatigue.
When a Thyroid patient is tired, it does not mean that we’re lazy. No one can really understand how tired we actually are unless they them self suffer from Hypothyroidism.
It makes it not only difficult to exercise, it also makes simple tasks such as doing the dishes almost impossible because we can get dizzy when we stand up for too long so we have to take breaks and save our energy. It is frustrating to be tired and having difficulties doing our jobs and housework, it effects everything in our lives (no wonder we tend to also get depressed!!!).
If you or someone you know suffer from Hypothyroidism and fatigue, than be kind to that person. If that person says they’re tired then they really are. Don’t expect you or your anyone else in that situation to do stuff they can’t. You wouldn’t expect your phone to be able to work for hours when the battery is low, right? Instead try helping them by for example doing things for them that they are to tired to do themselves, that could really mean a lot.
Sure you could drink coffee, if you really need the extra kick in the morning or when you need to focus, because it’s not just the body that gets tired, the brain does too. Otherwise I think the right medical treatment and the right diet can really help. Taking supplements such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B and iron is really good to also do and it can help you feeling less fatigue.
That’s it for today! I feel quite fatigue today so if this post seems weird it’s because I’m having trouble focusing (also, English is not my first language so forgive me for grammar mistakes) 
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See you later!
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